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Watch faces for Samsung Watch

My watch faces great look on Galaxy Watch and Active watch

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Matveyan – IV NeoRadar.
Matveyan – Application UI 2. Bright watch face. Support all languages.
Matveyan – Minimal Mechanics.
Matveyan – Red Rounded
Matveyan – IV Digital
Minimal Red
2048 Watch Game
Matveyan – Old Digital
Matveyan – LCD Black style. Trial version for 1 day.
Matveyan – Super realistic analog watch face. 4 color options, world time, multilingual.
Matveyan – Classic sport Luminescent. 8 color options, multilingual.
Matveyan – Classic sport Black. Multilingual.
Matveyan - Minimum Secret. 8 gradient colors
Matveyan – Application ui.
Matveyan – Woman's Minimalistic
Futuristic Black
Matveyan – Monochrome Sport. Only time, date, step counter and battery. Dark design.
Matveyan – Monochrome minimal 2.
Matveyan – Super realistic analog watch face.
Matveyan – Only time watch face. Minimalism, clean, analog.
Matveyan – Informative Minimalism. Rounded watch face.
Matveyan – Dual Time. Minimal black design, 10 color options, multilingual.
Matveyan – Classic sport steel. 8 color options, multilingual.
Matveyan – Infiniti. Multilingual, 8 color options, digital & analog time.
Matveyan - Big numbers. 8 color options to choose from.
Matveyan – Weather. Weather for today and 4 days in advance. More color options, clean design.
Matveyan – Minimal Steel. Classic and digital watch face. 8 Color options. Multilingual.
Matveyan - IV Watch Classic
Matveyan – Futuristic 2. Clean informer. Gradient colors. Multilingual.
Matveyan - Minimalism 2 Big Edition.
 Matveyan – Motion Sport 2. Sport watch face with big numbers and nice gradient colors.
Matveyan – Collaboration. Minimal analog watch face with sport data.
Matveyan - Sports. 8 Colors, a lot of information. Digital. Clean. Modern.
Matveyan - Digital arrows. Digital, 8 colors, sport.
Matveyan – Strong Classic watch face. 8 Color options.
Matveyan - Color minimalism. Gradient colors, sport.
Matveyan – Technical Classic. Animated.
Matveyan - Play. Watch face with game
Matveyan – Simple Clean Informer
Matveyan – Tactical informer #2
Matveyan – Minimalism
Matveyan – Gradient Weather
Matveyan – minimalistic informer
Matveyan – Digital steel
Matveyan – Rainbow watch
Matveyan – Lava motion
Matveyan – Classic Gold
Matveyan – Futuristic
Matveyan – Wave Combination
Matveyan – Wave Digital informer
Matveyan – Classic Pattern
Matveyan – Simple Sport A
Matveyan – Simple Sport Watchface
Matveyan – Tactical Black
Matveyan – Weather Clean
Matveyan – Tactical Informer
Matveyan – Digital Watch
Matveyan – Motion Space
Matveyan – Dynamics Inform
Matveyan – Weather Light
Matveyan – Classic Watch
Matveyan – Colorful watch
Matveyan – Sport Watch

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